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FREE VST instruments

Surgeis very powerful. Lots of options, with an amazing sound. Tricky to understand, but it has plenty of presets. Easily one of my top vsts.

Crystal is strange, you can combine presets to get even stranger sounds. Not sure how to use it well, I just play with the presets and combine them to get neat sounds.

Tyrell N6 has a good combination of power and ui friendliness. Lots of presets. Nice classic synth sound, but it's heavy on CPU usage

Triple Cheese is pretty simple and easy to use. Uses comb synthesis.

JuceOPL is a basic FM synth. No presets, but the fm is basic, wtih two operators, and you can get wild sounds from it.

Dexed is based on the iconic DX-7. Way too many knobs, plus the FM synthesis is pretty complex. Has a lot of presets to use, and there's plenty of DX-7 cartridges online that you can use.

FREE VST effects

Spaceship Delay is a really nice delay plugin that can do chorus and reverb. My most used effect plugin, I use it over the native renoise delay/chorus/reverb effects.

Guitar Gadgets has a decent selection of guitar pedal effects. Keep in mind that some might clip your audio, so just be careful with the volume levels.

Freakshow Industies' effects. All of these are great, and extremely weird. Pay what you want (I've spent as much as I felt was fair on all of them, or you can click the "steal" button).

FREE Other

OHRRPGCE is a really neat game creation engine, targeted towards RPGs, but you can do a lotta other stuf in it

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